L'apprentissage de la danse country est encore possible tous les lundi à partir de 19h30 pour les débutants et 20h30 pour les intermédiaires possibilité de faire les deux cours à partir de 19 h30 à la salle des fêtes de ST SEURIN de PRATS  le 14 septembre 2020 (24)      

Les Chorégraphies

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Danse en ligne
- S.B.S (shuffle Boogie Soul)- Safe Haven- Sag Drag & Fall
- Sally Ann- Saloon Scissors Stomp- San Antone
- Sangria Time- Save Me Tonight- Scotland
- Secrets- Sein Double- Shake Me Up
- Shakin Mix- She Gets Me- Shooga
- Shore Thing- Showed Up I Late- Showed Up Late
- Shuffle Boogie Soul- Simply Cha Cha- Simply Mambo
- Singing Me Home- Skiff A Billy Line Dance- Sky Loves Blue
- Slap And Stomp- Slapping Leather- Slipped And Fell
- Slow Way To Love- Smiling Song- Snap, Clap N Wink
- Some Beach- Something In The Water- South Australia
- Southern Delight- Speak To The Sky- Special D
- Splish Splash- Spring Rain- Springsteen
- Staid Down- Standine In Line- Start_the_Car
- Stay All Night- Stealing The Best- Step Off
- Steppin- Stomping It Out- Storm Warning
- Straid Down- Strait Down- Strangers
- Stretch Your Legs- Strip Girls- Stroll Along Cha Cha
- Strong Bounds- Sugar & Pai- Summer Fly
- Sunbeam- Sunshine In The Rain Debut- Sunshine In The Rain Inter
- Sweet Baby- Sweet Boy- Sweet Eyes
- Sweet Girl- Sweet Little Dangerous- Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Danse de partenaires
- Santa Fe Cha Cha- Say To Me (P)- Sea Shells (P)
- Seashores Of Old Mexico (P)- Seminole Scuffle (P)- Sidewinde Waltz (P)
- Six Pack Summer (P)- Sixteen Steps (P)- Slow Me Down
- Somebody\'s Mama- Something Double (P)- Something Fine (P)
- Something Stupid (P)- Sommebody S Mama (P)- Sowin Love (P)
- Stop The World (P)- Straight To Hell- Stuck Like Glue
- Suzanne Suzanne (P)- SWAY (P)- Sweet Caballero
- Sweet Delights- Sweet Sangria- Sweet Tea
- Sweetheart Schottische- Swinging Summer (P)- Syncopated Rhythm (P)