L'apprentissage de la danse country est encore possible tous les lundi à partir de 19h30 pour les débutants et 20h30 pour les intermédiaires possibilité de faire les deux cours à partir de 19 h30 à la salle des fêtes de ST SEURIN de PRATS  le 14 septembre 2020 (24)      

Les Chorégraphies

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Danse en ligne
- Cab Driver- Cabo San Lucas- Cadillac Cowboy
- Cadillac Tears- Cajun Slap- California Blue
- Call To Dance- Calypso Mexico- Camp One
- Can T Go Wrong- Can T You See- Canadian Stroll
- Cannibal Stomp- Carolina Boys- Carolina Cool
- Castaway- Caught In The Act- CCS
- Celebrity- Celtic Connection- Celtic Ct
- Celtic Kittens- Celtic Na La- Celtic Reel
- Celtic Rose- Celtic Tribute- Cha Cha One
- Charleston Cheeky- Charleston Strut- Charleston Time
- Chasing Each Other- Chassing Down A Good Time- Chattahoochee
- Cheaper- Cheeky Charleston- Cherry Poppin
- Chew Da Bacca- Cheyenne- Chica Boum Boum
- Chicago Stomp- Chill Factor- Chillaxin
- Chippin\' Away- Chop- Chuck And Cowboy
- Cinderella- City Of New Orleans- Clear Isabel
- Cliché- Clickety Clack- Cmr Rah Rumba
- Coastin- Colorado Girl- Come Back My Love
- Come Dance With Me- Come To Dance- Coming Back Down
- Compass- Copperhead Road- Cork City Crawl
- Corn Don T Grow- Cotton Pickin- Cotton-Pickin-Morning
- Country 2 Step- Country As Can Be- Country Girl Shake
- Country Lilly- Country Rhone Valley- Country Roads
- Country Twist- Country Walkin- County Line
- Covered In Kisses- Cowboy- Cowboy Boogie
- Cowboy Charleston- Cowboy Cry- Cowboy Dream
- Cowboy Life- Cowboy Rhythm- Cowboy Strut
- Cowboys Don T Cry- Cowgirl Twist- Cowgirls
- Crash And Burn- Crazy Foot Mambo- Creepin
- Creepin In- Cruisin- Cucaracha
- Cut A Rug- Cute Cute Cute

Danse de partenaires
- C.R.S- Cabo Crazy- Cadillac Tears
- Cadillacs And Caviar For Two - Cajun Melody - Candy
- Cant Stop It- Castaways- Champagne Cha
- Charleston Bump - Cheyenne Woman- Cindy Lou Two Step
- City Lights Swing - Contra Waltz- Cotton Eyed Joe
- Country All The Way (P)- County Line - County Line Cha Cha
- Coupe Deville- Cowboy Cha Cha- Cryin Eyes