L'apprentissage de la danse country est encore possible tous les lundi à partir de 19h30 pour les débutants et 20h30 pour les intermédiaires possibilité de faire les deux cours à partir de 19 h30 à la salle des fêtes de ST SEURIN de PRATS  le 16 septembre (24)      

Les Chorégraphies

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Danse en ligne
- Tag On- Tailgate- Take A Breather
- Take Me To New York- Talk Is Cheap- Talk Is Cheap - Debutant
- TallT- Tap Room Boogie- Techniques Des Terminalogies De La Country, Des Postures Et Des Appuis
- Telepathy- Tell The World- Temple Bar
- Tender- Tex Me Texas- Texas Girl
- Texas Time- Text Me Texas- Th-Guest Ranch
- Thanks A Lot- Thanks A Lot (débutant)- Thats Love
- The Blaney Roses- The Boat To Liverpool- The Break
- The Final Test- The First Swing- The Flute
- The Galway Gathering- The Gambler- The Harvester
- The Neon Lounge- The Outback- The Picnic Polka
- The Roads Never Taken- The Second Booze Cruise- The Spirit
- The Trail- The Wanderer- The World
- The Yellow Town- The Yellow Yown- Things
- Thinking About Mexico- Thinkin\' Country- Thinkin\' Country
- Thinkin\' Country- Thinkin\' Country- Thinkin\' Country
- Thinkin\' Country- This & That- Three Teachers
- Time Marches On- Time To Swing- Tiny Fill In The Blanks
- Tiny Fill The Blanks- To Be In Love- Toes
- Tornado- Tornado Novice- Town Of Hope And Memories
- Tracy - Trailerhood- Trickle Trickle
- Truck A Truck- Tulsa Time- Tush Push
- Twist & Shake- Twist & Turns- Two Boys

Danse de partenaires
- Take My Hand (P)- Tales- Talk To Me (P)
- Temptation Cha- Terri (P)- Texas Tattoo (P)
- Texas Waltz (P)- Thats OK (P)- The Garbage Man (P)
- The Lone Ranger (P)- The Shadow (P)- The Shooter (P)
- Think Of Me (P)- Thinkin Of A Rendezvous (P)- Tornado Twister
- Traveling Gypsy- Traveling Gyspsy- Trinkin Partner
- Two Beer For My Horses- Two Dollars In The Jukebox (P)